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Industria Textil e do Vestuário - Textile Industry - Ano XIII

Bikini babes audition for Kingfisher Calendar 2011

Himarsha Venkatsamy

A contestant struts her stuff on the ramp

In addition to answering the judges' questions, contestants had to get their height, weight and other vital statistics checked out. They went the whole hog, even strutting their stuff in bikinis on a ramp.
Contestants line up outside the audition venue awaiting their turn

With the overwhelming response, it's not surprising that the girls had to queue up and await their turns patiently, but all of them had smiles on their lips and stars in their eyes. Too bad only one hottie will make the cut!
A trio of lovelies pouts for the cameras

Once inside, though, they were quick to show what they were about, gamely posing together and working their attitude for the flashbulbs.
Feroze Gujral

For the Delhi auditions, yesteryears supermodel Feroze Gujral, who still looks smashing, joined Kasbekar to help with the selection process.
Himarsha Venkatsamy poses with contestants

Himarsha did her best to help the calendar hopefuls get it right - like she did last year. Looks like they were listening closely enough!
Sheetal Menon and Atul Kasbekar

In Bangalore, model Sheetal Menon, who has also featured previously in the calendar, helped Kasbekar whet it down to the finalists.
A tall, tanned contestant works a black bikini

All the girls were perfectly at ease in swimwear, which goes to show the difference from a few years ago.
Yet another model hunt hopeful poses by the banner

The contestants charmed the cameras with solo shots, each secretly hoping that the banner in the background was referring to her!
Atul Kasbekar and Feroze Gujral pose with the Delhi finalists

And here, we see Kasbekar and Gujral with the final line-up from Delhi - they will soon face competition from the Mumbai and Bangalore babes in

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