Industria Textil e do Vestuário - Textile Industry - Ano XIV

Industria Textil e do Vestuário - Textile Industry - Ano XIV

Botany is the backdrop of Eden Diodati SS13 designs


Following six years of conception and development, Eden Diodati has launched an iconic new chapter in luxury fashion’s narrative. Blendingextravagance with considered craftsmanship, founder and creative director, Jennifer Ewah’s groundbreaking designs and philanthropic commitment produce unique garments and accessories that embody the inherent female instinct to reflect beauty, both internally and externally.

The collections draw inspiration from an artistic heritage that has bound global cultures together for centuries, as well as from the eclectic beauty found in nature. Far-reaching planetary systems and the phases found in botany is the backdrop of SS13. The womenswear and jewellery pulls from gracefully futuristic and primal elements making Eden Diodati a brand for the modern woman who is characterised by a compelling awareness of individuality.

The designs fuse timeless artistry with modern innovation in evening wear and cocktail wear, capturing the essence of 21st century femininity with a breathtakingly creative edge. The key seasonal features are threefold. The Omega collection suggests purity and tranquility through refined lines cut in silk, reminiscent of neo-classical sculpture. The column gown and matching cape are standout pieces. Luxurious prints in the Ara, Aurora, Andromeda and Equinox pieces embrace the vibrancy of nature's exotic incarnation. Sculptural jewellery and statement belts in gold and mother of pearl define bold, but complementary accents.

Wearing an Eden Diodati piece is more than an aesthetic statement. It is a commitment to a fashion ethos embedded in a four-tiered philosophy represented by Eden Diodati’s Talisman.

The Talisman draws together four brand values that together reflect the optimism of the human condition: Art & Collaboration, Manufactured Ethically, Beauty Through Compassion and Wearable Philanthropy.

An amalgam of global cultural influences the design while the ethical approach to manufacturing delivers opportunities for marginalised people to recreate their own futures. Eden Diodati’s commitment to donate 10% of dividends to Médecins sans Frontières recognises the need to address human fragility on a global scale. These three core principles combine to produce the fourth – Eden Diodati’s vision to create a brand that offers women the opportunity to experience true beauty from a compassionate viewpoint.

Eden Diodati supports artisans across the world from Italy to Indonesia, assisting them in building sustainable futures. A large proportion of Eden Diodati’s garments are crafted through a not-for-profit cooperative located in Italy. Garment workers at the fringes of society – those touched by physical and mental abuse, trauma and disability – are given the chance to rebuild their skills and lives through their journey with Eden Diodati.


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