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Industria Textil e do Vestuário - Textile Industry - Ano XIII

Jenny Yoo, a creator and producer of bridal and bridesmaid fashion located in NYC, has launched her recent line of dresses. It is now available in stores across the country, featuring inspiring, diverse designs that have the potential to infuse new meaning into nuptial fashion for discerning contemporary brides and their wedding party. It can be purchased in Jenny Yoo boutiques and showrooms, as well as affiliated outlets, throughout the United States.

Yoo's newest release forms a diverse selection of bridal and bridesmaid dresses, as well as a range of stylish accessories that match her pieces. The spirit that permeates this dress line is that of an attempt to stay on top of current transformations in the area of wedding celebrations without losing the bond with tradition. The dresses in Jenny Yoo 2011 collection are generously designed, with quality textiles, exquisite craftsmanship and unique cut. Their tone is reserved and rather low-key. The designer's trademark characteristic, which is combining original style and simplicity, is visible throughout her 2011 collection of bridal and bridesmaids dresses.

“We design for the discriminating bride and bridesmaid who are looking for a dress that she can use not only for the bridal party, but again and again for any special occasion. Our goal is to give our client a beautiful quality dress that she can carry with her for years to come”, says Jenny Yoo. In her quest to redefine bridal and bridesmaid fashion, she strives to find a perfect balance between the traditional limitations of the nuptial dresses and the possibility of extending the life of these pieces beyond this single use.


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