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John-David Mohr recaps fall trends; Style has no Size

Custom Clothing Designer, John-David Mohr of the House of Mohr, coined the phrase “Style has no Size.” He talks about this Fall season's fashion trends and how the conscience consumer can maintain their own sense of style with custom clothing that transcends into any season.

“If you notice, it’s not the lines of fashion which change dramatically from season to season. It is the fabrics and colors that change the most,” says John-David, a Custom Clothing Designer and owner of the House of Mohr fashion boutique. To be on top of the latest season's style, all one has to do is change out the fabric and color patterns. Switching from Summer to Fall, change out your fabric from a silk to a cashmere or fine wool fabric using Fall season's trending colors. "This way, you maintain your own style, yet still enjoy looking and feeling totally fashionable," explains John-David.

Most of John-David's designs can be taken apart and put back together-- the skirts and jackets, pants and tops can all be intermingled and mixed in a myriad of ways to come up with a style that is entirely personalized and matches the season's fashion. According to John-David, this is the difference between ‘style’ and ‘fashion’. “Style is what you do with the latest fashion trends,” according to John-David. The House of Mohr designs sophisticated and trendy, yet classic garment that can be mixed and matched to transform from lightweight fabric of Spring and Summer into Fall or Winter fabrics.

The lace and flowery patterns of this Spring and Summer are trending into the Fall 2011 fashion season, explains John-David, but the lace of Fall is a darker, more powerful color and weight to match the rich hues and chillier air of Autumn. “If you own a particular garment which really flatters you, simply have a similar item of clothing custom designed using the upcoming season’s fabric weight and colors. This way, you’ve preserved your fashionista status and have maintained your own style,” suggests John-David.

The flowers of Spring bloom into bold garden patterns this Fall. Both lace and garden patterns will breach the Spring/Summer to Fall fashion season. “If you have the perfect summer skirt, have the same skirt custom made using this Fall’s rich garden patterns and fabrics,” recommends John-David.


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