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Industria Textil e do Vestuário - Textile Industry - Ano XIII

Noida gets new campus of Pearl Academy of Fashion

The growing demand for fashion and design programs coupled with the rapid pace of internationalization of the industry, has paved the way for a brand new campus of the Pearl Academy of Fashion in Noida, NCR.

The fourth and latest campus by PAF, one of the leading global fashion and design institutes in India, will offer three new courses - Interior Product Design (IPD), Fashion & Lifestyle in E-commerce and Luxury Brands, in addition to other courses like Fashion Design (FD), Interior Architecture & Design (IAD) and Communication Design (CD). The Interior Product Design (IPD) course is being introduced for the first time in India and will be exclusive to the Noida campus along with Fashion & Lifestyle in E-commerce. The other courses will be offered to students in other PAF campuses in Delhi, Jaipur and Chennai.

Dr. AKG Nair, Group Director, Pearl Academy of Fashion said, "Emerging trends in today's fashion world are driven by the youth who are challenging conformity and design concepts. Today, the demand for design goes beyond the realms of garments and creativity lends its aesthetics to various aspects of our lives. With these changing demands, we have to ensure our pulse is on the industry to be in a position to offer courses that meet the needs of the sector as it metamorphoses."

To celebrate the launch of its fourth new campus, Pearl Academy of Fashion also announced 4 full scholarships to attend the 2013 summer program at NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano), Italy. These scholarships will be awarded to top UG applicants in each category, and covers all expenses including tuition, airfare and accommodation.

Mr. Sharad Mehra, COO, Pearl Academy of Fashion, said, "Fashion and design education is all about exposure to different cultures, sensibilities, ethos and consumers. At PAF, we ensure that both, our faculty and students get this exposure regularly ensuring that their caliber is constantly, consistently and continuously high.

In addition, our courses are designed in consultation with industry experts, making them more relevant to the market while focusing on cognitive and intellectual skills. It's this industry insight that has led to the introduction of the new courses."


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