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Industria Textil e do Vestuário - Textile Industry - Ano XIV

Students, scientists explain neuroscience through fashion

Photo by Russell Sach
Photo by Russell Sach
Fashion designing students from Winchester School of Art - University of Southampton, UK along with biological scientists from the Southampton, have created apparels explaining neuroscience through fashion.


Through a research work of three years on mental disorders, such as stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Asperger’s Syndrome, Epilepsy and schizophrenia, the second-year fashion design and knitwear students prepared six apparels which aim at addressing the stigma and misconception surrounding mental health.

The project ‘Changing Minds’ provides a stimulating, engaging and creative ways to engage in conversations about mental health issues.

In a conversation with fibre2fashion, programme leader in Fashion and Textile Design at Winchester School of Art, Cecilia Langemar says, “The ‘Changing Minds’ project expand the perception and understanding of the students about what fashion design can be and the changes one can achieve as a designer when he or she  joins design and a particular cause.”

Professor of Neuroscience at University of Southampton, Lindy Holden-Dye says: “I am delighted the initiative is introducing biological science to new audiences.  It is also a great example of multidisciplinary research, which draws together researchers from across the University, to make a significant contribution towards understanding and responding to some of society's major challenges.”

The dress on a theme of Asperger's Syndrome was designed by Dayze Steward who researched the complex connections in the brain during regular thought processes of someone with this syndrome. Through her designs, she illustrates that within these processes the mind would over think things and something simple would then be twisted into something elaborate.

Stephanie Simmons, the designer who worked on Epilepsy, says, “"I wanted to communicate a message to raise awareness of how epilepsy can drastically affect a person's day to day life. My garment conveys not just the physical strains it causes them but translates how their emotions are affected.”

According to Dr. Shmma Quraishe, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University, people are fascinated by the garments and want to find out more about their connections with neuroscience and the research. “It is also a great opportunity to remove the stigma associated with mental illness,” he adds.

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